September 2016, Attorney Youngsil Lee left our office.
July 2016, Attorney Ikeda participated in the meeting for reporting the investigation on the legal needs for Japanese companies/individuals located in the Kingdom of Thailand.January 2016, Attorney Youngsil Lee joined our office.
January 2015, we carried out a questionnaire survey. Thank you for your cooperation.
April 2014, Attorney Takashi Ikeda has been entrusted by the Ministry of Justice to investigate the legal needs for Japanese companies/individuals located in the Kingdom of Thailand.
January 2014, Attorney Marie Mitarai joined our office.
October 2013, Attorney Ryoko Kashiba opened her own law office.
June 2012, Attorney Satoru Kawamoto opened his own law office.
newsApril 2012 , We moved to a new building in Nishitenma, Osaka.
news2January 2012, Lawyer Ryoko Kashiba joined our office.
news2 October 2011, Attorney Ikeda attended and gave his opinions on the 3rd meeting of "Discussion regarding how the Central Authority should be managed under the Hague Convention".
(1) Brief report (2) Minute
April 2010, Attorney Kenji Honda opened his own law office.
April 2009, We incorporated our office and moved to Nishitenma, Osaka.
January 2009, Lawyer Satoru Kawamoto joined our office.
June 2008, Lawyer Takashi Ikeda completed the study in the UK (University of Cambridge, LL.M., Subjects of Studies:EC Trade Law, The Law of the World Trade Organisation, International Criminal Law, Comparative Family Law and Policy).
February 2008, Lawyer Takashi Ikeda gave a lecture on Corporate Governance to legal professionals from South East Asia at an institute of the Ministry of Justice.
September 2007, Lawyer Naoki Higashihara joined our office.
April 2007, Mr. Ikeda was appointed as the Chairman of Japan Association of Public Service Interpretation and Translation.
October 2006, Lawyer Kenji Honda joined our office.
March 2006, At the Japanese Public Service Interpretation and Translation Association, Mr. Ikeda pleaded for importance of Court Interpretation and discussed on-site court interpreting in the foreign court cases.
October 2005, Lawyer Kazuhiko Ueda joined our office.
September 2005, Mr. Ikeda attended the United Nations NGO Conference held at the UN headquarters in New York.
Mr. Ikeda's criticism about the court interpretation problems was introduced in Asahi Newspaper in the class suit of Japanese war orphans left in China.